Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Blog Post - Getting to Know Katelyn

Me and daddy go to Hershey games. I play hockey in Frederick. It is fun. I play goalie. I stop pucks. My dad is my coach. That is awesome. I am good at it. I want to keep playing goalie.

I love school. Music class is the best. I love to sing and learn music. I also like to read. I like to read chapter books. The Rescue Princess is my favorite book. I like non-fiction books because I like learning about real things. I am good at math. I like to write stories. My dad helps me write my stories on paper.

I like my American Girl Doll. Her name is Molly. I got her for Christmas. I take her everywhere.

I hope some people say hello! I want to make friends on the computer like my dad.


  1. Hello, Katelyn. Good to see you blogging. Hope you get responses. Tell you dad to use #comments4kids on Twitter to put out links to your blog. You must live in a colder climate if you like ice hockey. I gave the Molly American Doll to my niece for Christmas. It was her first Doll in the collection.

  2. Hi Katelyn, I think you must be pretty brave to be a goalie! I live in Adelaide, Australia and it is summer here and we never get snow....EVER! Last week it was 46 degrees celsius which is about 115F. We play hockey here, but it is on a field not on ice! Keep up the blogging, I think you will find it is great fun.