Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Blog Post - Getting to Know Katelyn

Me and daddy go to Hershey games. I play hockey in Frederick. It is fun. I play goalie. I stop pucks. My dad is my coach. That is awesome. I am good at it. I want to keep playing goalie.

I love school. Music class is the best. I love to sing and learn music. I also like to read. I like to read chapter books. The Rescue Princess is my favorite book. I like non-fiction books because I like learning about real things. I am good at math. I like to write stories. My dad helps me write my stories on paper.

I like my American Girl Doll. Her name is Molly. I got her for Christmas. I take her everywhere.

I hope some people say hello! I want to make friends on the computer like my dad.